Engineered Veterinary Vectored Immunotherapy and Vaccines: EVVIVAX

10-12 Apr 2017

10-12 Apr 2017 - EVVIVAX at the World Veterinary Vaccine Conference, Washington DC, USA

Join us at the Annual World Veterinary Vaccine Congress in Washington DC!


The 17th Annual World Vaccine Congress is the place where the global vaccine industry meets to discuss commercial and scientific issues around regulation, strategy, manufacturing, trials, partnering, influenza, cancer, emerging diseases and veterinary vaccines.

With the animal vaccines market predicted to be worth $8.6 billion by 2018, an increased focus on zoonotic infectious diseases and more attention towards the economic impact of disease in livestock of economic importance, veterinary vaccines are coming into the limelight.
This event will provide a platform to showcase how you are moving veterinary vaccine development methods forward, from technology to regulation and manufacture.
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Dr Luigi Aurisicchio will held the following presentation:

Genetic cancer vaccines for pets: Cutting-edge technologies with high translational potential for humans
These points will be covered:
•    How relevant are preclinical models for developing Cancer Vaccines
•    How to combine new Cancer Vaccines with existing therapies
•    How to achieve local and systemic Cancer control
•    Moving towards innovative products: lessons learnt

Looking forward to meeting you in Washington DC!

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